securely send passwords over email

i've been sending passwords to people over email for years and just realized how bad it would be if someone hacked into my own email account and searched for "password".  this is why we should never send non-temporary passwords over email.  i used to type "delete this email" in the subject line, but this is a better solution.


timebomb.it lets you send login credentials to people via a link that expires after an hour, day or month.  that way, if a hacker gets into your friend's or co-worker's email and searches for "password", they will only find expired links and no passwords.

just go to timebomb.it and type in the username and password you want to send.

then you'll see the page with the url.  copy the url...

and email it securely!

then, if someone searches for "password" in the recipient's gmail a year later, they get this!

i was going to use kl1p.com, an online clipboard, to send passwords, but they got rid of the option to make the clipboard contents expire after a certain amount of time.  timebomb.it is a good alternative for sending sensitive information that you want to be available for a limited amount of time.

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