run linux mate in sudo mode

i have linux mint with the mate desktop, and i wanted to copy a file into a folder but got "error opening file: permission denied" or "the folder cannot be copied because you do not have permissions to create it in the destination".  i remembered before that i could run mate as root or in sudo mode or something, but i couldn't remember what it was called.  so how do you do administrative tasks in mate?

when you browse the contents of a folder in mate, you are actually seeing the caja app built into mate.  so i will tell you how to run caja as an administrator or "as superuser".

open a terminal, and type "sudo caja".  boom! done.  you can do anything in this window.

if you want to run all of mate apps in administrative mode, you can type "sudo mate-panel".  i'm not sure how you're going to close your first instance of mate-panel so you might be stuck with 2 task bars on top of each other.

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