how to change alarm ringtone without playing it on android nexus 5

it makes me sad when people who design alarm clocks don't ever think you'll want to set an alarm without waking up your wife/husband/baby/roommates.  setting an alarm should be a silent process unless the user wants it not to be.

on nexus 5, setting alarm volume makes a noise when set from the Settings app, but you can also change alarm volume using the buttons on the side of the phone when on the screen to change the alarm ringtone.

so you can set the alarm ringtone to max volume without making a noise, but as soon as you choose a ringtone, it plays it at that volume.

one workaround is to set the volume to 0, then choose a ringtone, and then put the volume back up.  just dont forget.

however, if you had the volume at just the right setting and you don't want to forget what it was, or if you are woeries that, being sleepy, you will forget to put the volume back up after scrolling through and thinking of an alarm to choose, you can try this:

tap down on the alarm and the ok button at the same time, but dont let go.  neither the alarm plays and gets selected nor does the ok button exit out until you lift up your fingers.  so, lift up both fingers at the same time, and hope that the alarm gets selected first and then the ok button gets pressed.  if your  change wasn't saved, simply try again.  the ok button cuts off the alarm, so technically the alarm will still play, but for 0.01 seconds, and you won't hear a thing.

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