dvorak international on windows 8 / 8.1 and custom windows 8.1 keyboard layouts

just so y'all know, international dvorak keyboard layouts can still be installed on windows 8.1.

the famous international dvorak page has the setup files:

however, after the installation, it appeared nothing had changed, and i couldn't select the new keyboard layout in control panel.

after trying to install the keyboard layout dll file manually myself, and after realizing the Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator was never going to work on windows 8, i finally realized the solution:

simply log off and back on for installation of layouts generated from Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator to take effect.

since arjen's downloads seem to have been generated using Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator, it follows that to create a custom layout for windows 8, you can use the Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator on a windows vista computer to create the setup files, and then do the installation on windows 8.


  1. The easiest solution I have found for custom keyboard layouts on Win 8.1 is to use the Microsoft keyboard layout Creator 1.4 on another computer with an earlier operating system. Windows xp worked for me.

    After 5 hours of fiddling I came to the conclusion that Win 8.1 is incapable of building the appropriate files using the aforementioned software. It will allow you to load and modify keyboards but not save them.

    On the older computer Run the software and load an existing keyboard. Modify it to suit your needs. Under the projects tab, click the build function and save the files to a usb stick.

    Download and install Microsoft Keyboard Layout Creator 1.4 on your Windows 8.1 computer and then run setup from the saved files on your usb stick.

    It will load your customised keyboard straight to your keyboard toolbar at the bottom right of your screen. If you are using an earlier operating system than XP or Vista you may have to download and install version 1.3

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